Dozens of tiny satellites are about to change the way we see the Earth

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What if you could see a picture of any place on the Earth, every single day? So far, satellites have been too large and costly to get regular images of our planet. They weight several tons and require a rocket launch, costing hundreds of millions of dollars in the end. At best, the satellite images we do get are taken many months apart, so it’s difficult to see the day-to-day change on Earth.

That’s why Will Marshall and his company invented a new kind of satellite out of their Silicon Valley garage. It’s light, relatively cheap, and crammed with enough gadgets to get high-quality imagery of the entire planet every day. And they’re going to be allowing free, open access to the data, so anyone can use it to make new discoveries and solve problems. Seeing is believing, so watch the video for yourself and think about Marshall’s crucial questions.


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