This Boy’s Dying Wish Was For A Star Wars Funeral. He Got It.

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Jack Robinson of Hampshire passed away on April 1 due to an inoperable brain tumor. His last wish was granted, and while he wasn’t around to see it, it was pretty amazing. He asked for a themed Star Wars funeral, and his family and friends came through and helped him “join the force.”

His carriage was drawn by white horses and accompanied by stormtroopers.


A floral arrangement on the carriage declared the boy JEDI.


A life-size R2D2 was there to help out with the ceremony.


Jack left this world to early, but he got the send-off he wanted.


A crowd of people from Denmead, Hampshire helped walk Jack to his final resting place.


Jack was a huge fan of Star Wars, and watched the films while he was in the hospital.


A Star Wars funeral for the history books.


Before he died, Jack got some of his other wishes granted. One was to meet one of his idols, singer Gary Barlow.


Jack was also a Doctor Who fan. Actor Matt Smith sent him a personal video just be hefore he died.


Rest in peace, Jack. May the force be with you.

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