This bizarre bird makes sounds like a laser gun


Here’s one of the stranger bird calls I’ve heard. If you close your eyes, you’ll hear something that sounds like a laser gun, and then a radar, and then possibly a monkey, and then a laser gun again. But if you open your eyes, you’ll see that it’s just your everyday lyrebird singing away. Have you ever heard anything like ... Read More »

A rare glimpse at an Amish barn raising


I mean, just look at this. A group of Ohioans take to a field and, with just ten hours of time and some planks of wood, put a barn together. Of course, the Amish are famously against modern technology, but permitted one Scott Miller to take pictures throughout the day. He stitched the photos together into a three-and-a-half minute video, ... Read More »

Artist stitches together bizarre doodles to create masterpieces


It’s one thing to be able to draw masterpieces. It’s quite another to be able to draw them with third-grade doodles. Japanese artist Keita Sagaki has found a style he can truly call his own, taking crudely drawn figures and intricately weaving them together into a black-and-white portrait. It’s an interesting combination, and it’s so detailed that you can stare ... Read More »

Here’s what an Icelandic guy thinks about daylight savings time


We have it pretty rough, having to go through confusing time changes twice a year. Some countries have called into question whether we should have daylight savings time at all. But Oskaar here, an native Icelander, doesn’t agree with that idea. Something about… darkness? I’m not really sure what his problem is, but I think it has something to do ... Read More »