Golden Retriever fails the dog show in glorious style


Dogs love to race for different reasons. Some want to show their speed, others their self-control. And some have entirely different motivations, like this Golden Retriever. The goal is simple: to ignore all the toys and treats and go straight for the finish line. The first two dogs have mastered the exercise, but the Golden Retriever has a little work ... Read More »

15 pieces of art that expire by the end of the day


Sushi was already an art by itself, but now it gets another credit. With a little rice and some coloring, it’s possible to make sushi in a bunch of different shapes and with some interesting patterns. This gallery shows some of the sushi art people have made, including cartoon characters, animals, and actual pieces of art. I would almost feel ... Read More »

Cartoon moments that have dirty second meanings


And we thought only the new cartoons were inappropriate. These screen caps are from a variety of cartoons — mostly older ones from the 80s and 90s — and were timed to show them at their most crude. Of course, probably none of the “adult themes” were intentional, but there are definitely some that are hard to justify. Read More »

19 great advertisements that will teach you something new


These clever ads for Science World are more than just promotions. Each one has an interesting fact that you probably didn’t know before. But education by itself is boring, of course, so the ads are presented in neat ways so you can visualize the facts. Most of them I had never heard before, though there are one or two that ... Read More »

10 profound things Yelp has said about our national parks


Gazing upon wonders can produce the best in all of us. We gain a larger sense of the world and open our minds to the wisdom of the universe, and we want to share it with everyone. So we get online. Places like Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon have inspired some very meaningful commentary from reviewers on sites ... Read More »

This house comes with a hidden dungeon, and you can buy it


From the outside, it looks like a quaint one-story house with a large roof. Inside, it looks well-decorated with some modern appliances. And a few hardcore statues. Then, you see what looks like an elevator to Hell, framed with glowing runes. Inside is a pretty rad dungeon area what looks like two separate rooms. One has some leather chairs facing ... Read More »

This bizarre bird makes sounds like a laser gun


Here’s one of the stranger bird calls I’ve heard. If you close your eyes, you’ll hear something that sounds like a laser gun, and then a radar, and then possibly a monkey, and then a laser gun again. But if you open your eyes, you’ll see that it’s just your everyday lyrebird singing away. Have you ever heard anything like ... Read More »