These golf trick shots are pretty impressive


The GoPro has been used for just about everything now. I don’t know how someone hits a tiny golfball on the ground, let alone hit one while it’s in the air. These guys are pretty skilled with their clubs, showing off a bunch of their trick shots in this video. Even so, the video doesn’t answer the import questions: can ... Read More »

Mind-boggling explanation of the 4th dimension


This might make your brain hurt, but I’ve always wondered about the fourth dimension. Is it time, or some indescrible vertex in space? After watching this explanation, it’s… not that much clearer, really. It’s still fascinating to watch how a 4-dimensional object would cast an ever-shifting 3-dimensional shadow, and the visualizations in this video are pretty amazing. Read More »

This is what happens when you flush a toilet


Ever wonder where all your stuff goes when you flush the toilet? You know, your spare change, your long-lost iPhone, maybe a dead fish or two, and… other stuff. SciShow explains in excruciatingly gory detail exactly what happens to it all. If you’re curious and you haven’t eaten in the past half hour, take a look: Read More »

27 perfectly timed photos that will make you smile


It’s always good to have a camera ready, because you never know when a great moment will happen. These 27 pictures were taken at the right time and place, and in most cases the timing was hilariously perfect. It’s difficult to say, but I think the guy with the hat was my favorite. See which one you like best: Read More »

Learn how to eat sushi from a master sushi chef


Eating sushi seems pretty simple, but most of us have been doing it wrong. There’s a particular art to it, and Naomichi Yasuda, a sushi chef from Tokyo, shows us exactly how to do it. Those of you who have seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi will enjoy this, and the rest can learn the proper technique for eating sushi. Read More »

Two brothers play a hilarious elevator prank. Some did not find it funny.


Aside from knowing several languages fluently, brothers and comedy duo Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker are skilled imitating languages they don’t know. They put their craft to good use as they invent the “Intelevator” — a seemingly automated, voice-activated elevator. But instead of taking simple commands, they make unsuspecting tourists jump through hoops to get to their hotel room. Some of ... Read More »