15 abandoned cities that are both eerie and beautiful


It’s pretty rare that you hear about a city being abandoned, but it does happen. There have been several cities and towns abandoned over the last 100 years due to reasons such as war, natural disasters, or nuclear meltdowns. While the reasons are often tragic, they photos of the remains are incredible to look at. Some are even tourist attractions, ... Read More »

Here’s what cities would look like without electricity


Ah, cities. Our bright havens that block out nearly all sources of natural light in the universe. Those who live in them miss out on the brilliant views on our galaxy that people in remote areas get to witness. It’s hard to imagine what cities would look like without any man-made lights, but photographer Thierry Cohen created a collection of ... Read More »

This house comes with a hidden dungeon, and you can buy it


From the outside, it looks like a quaint one-story house with a large roof. Inside, it looks well-decorated with some modern appliances. And a few hardcore statues. Then, you see what looks like an elevator to Hell, framed with glowing runes. Inside is a pretty rad dungeon area what looks like two separate rooms. One has some leather chairs facing ... Read More »

This Beautiful Montage Shows A Completely Different Side Of Pyongyang


When visitors actually take the footage they’re allowed to, we see a different story. JT Singh and Rob Whitworth recorded this time-lapse of Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, showing the everyday life of many of its citizens. It shouldn’t be surprising that life there seems little different than anywhere else — they take the train to work, go sightseeing, spend time ... Read More »