15 pieces of art that expire by the end of the day


Sushi was already an art by itself, but now it gets another credit. With a little rice and some coloring, it’s possible to make sushi in a bunch of different shapes and with some interesting patterns. This gallery shows some of the sushi art people have made, including cartoon characters, animals, and actual pieces of art. I would almost feel ... Read More »

Artist stitches together bizarre doodles to create masterpieces


It’s one thing to be able to draw masterpieces. It’s quite another to be able to draw them with third-grade doodles. Japanese artist Keita Sagaki has found a style he can truly call his own, taking crudely drawn figures and intricately weaving them together into a black-and-white portrait. It’s an interesting combination, and it’s so detailed that you can stare ... Read More »

These post-it monsters are truly terrifying


We’ve already seen some pretty crazy monsters made with tires, lunch bags, and baked goods. As if those weren’t frightening enough, an artist named Don Kenn has made some post-it drawings to haunt our dreams. Many of them seem to evoke childhood fears, with monsters that look like the stuff of nightmares. It’s a good thing these are just cartoons. Read More »

I Knew The Oceans Were Deep, But This Is Just Mind-Boggling.


We all knew that most of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, but actually seeing a visualization of how deep the oceans go is really something else. This xkcd comic compares the scale of lakes, oceans, and trenches with ships, whales, and other relatable things. It’s hard to imagine that people have actually visited the lowest point in the ... Read More »