Dogs being dogs during this photoshoot will make your day


What’s not to love about dogs? They’re cute, lovable, and they make funny faces when you throw treats at them. Okay, so maybe they make a mess of things sometimes, and they can be needy. But there’s so many great things about having a dog that we can overlook their faults. Here’s a great photoshoot to fill all your dog ... Read More »

Finally, a dummy’s guide to petting animals


Most of us know how to pet a dog or cat, but you usually have to learn the hard way. You might come away with a nasty scratch if you try to pet a cat’s tummy, while a dog will probably love it. But there’s no singular guide on best petting practices, and what about all those other animals? Like ... Read More »

22 adorable pictures of foxes


Foxes don’t get enough love, but they have to be one of the cutest species of wild animals. This collection of photos shows how foxes can be playful, goofy, majestic, and all around adorable. Try not to “awww” at any of these. Read More »

Golden Retriever fails the dog show in glorious style


Dogs love to race for different reasons. Some want to show their speed, others their self-control. And some have entirely different motivations, like this Golden Retriever. The goal is simple: to ignore all the toys and treats and go straight for the finish line. The first two dogs have mastered the exercise, but the Golden Retriever has a little work ... Read More »