32 genius solutions to life’s little problems

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Sometimes the solutions to our everyday problems are so simple that they’re right in front of us and we didn’t even notice. Here’s a great collection of life hacks that will make your life a little easier, and some that could really get you out of a bind.

Use paper to manage your cables.

Waterproof your shoes using bees wax.

Use Post-It Notes to get dirt and crumbs out of your keyboard.

Use a spring to stop your phone cord from breaking.

Need to making something illegible? Instead of crossing it out, cover it with random letters.

The best way to study.

Quick and free CD holders.

Just snap your keys in place with Legos.

Need to get home before dark? Estimate how much time you have left.

Never burn yourself lighting candles again — use a spaghetti strand.

Mark your keys with different colors to keep them straight.

How to fold a t-shirt.

Use clear nail polish to stop your buttons from unraveling.

Use a bracelet to extend your necklaces.

A faster way of counting.

Install these and you’ll always know which is which.

Whenever you lend something to a friend, take a picture.

Use velcro to keep things where you need them.

Traveling? Take a picture of important translations.

Add a rod if you’re short on cabinet space and hang up your cleaners.

A safe place for cash — just don’t lose it.

If you can’t stick things to your shower wall, stick them to your bottles.

Let the end of your duct tape hang off the edge a little so you can find it quickly.

Keep the combination attached to the lock when you’re not using it.

No binder? No problem.

Take a picture of your coat check tag before the night gets out of hand.

A safe place for your valuables at the beach.

Add an ICE contact to your phone. It could save your life.

Use a clothespin when hammering to save your thumb.

Pack books in a suitcase instead of boxes. It’s much easier to carry.

Old Nutella jars make great glasses.

Save money on energy drinks.

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