23 Pictures Of “Beware Of Dog” Signs From Around The World

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No matter what language you speak, everyone understands one universal truth: dogs can be vicious. After posting his collection of driving in West Africa, Imgur user 5FrogMargin has put together this gallery of “beware of dogs” sign he’s spotted all around the world — from Togo to Holland.

“My personal favorite- taken outside Monrovia, Liberia. Post-civil war, crime was rampant in Liberia. Thieves caught in the act were often beat to death right on the spot, so most crime was (is) late night burglaries. As a result, dogs were used to guard the many walled ‘compounds’. Criminals (or ‘rogues’) tried to bypass the dogs by feeding them load of tobacco wrapped in meat. I guess it works; a friends home was broken into due to this, one night.”


“Translated literally as “driveway release – beware of the dog”. This was taken in the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. The main languages of Curacao are Dutch and Papiamento.”


“Another one from Curacao- same thing, but reversed- ‘Beware of the Dog – Driveway Release'”

“Grenada, in the Caribbean. I like this one- fairly straightforward, though the dog doesn’t look too bad.”

“Georgetown, Guyana, South America.”


“Another one from Georgetown, Guyana. I am not sure if this is a dog or a ‘chupacabra’. Another place using dogs as late night security.”


“Lome, Togo in West Africa. As Togo is a ‘French-speaking country, the sign reads ‘Chien Mechant’, or ‘Mad Dog’. Store-bought signs are hard to find, so all the ones I saw were hand-painted, which made them so much better. Obviously, this is a German Shepherd.”


“Lome, Togo. Chien Mechant…Mad Dog.”


“Another one from Togo, but this one reads ‘Frappez-Attendez’, which translates literally as ‘Hit-Wait’. He doesn’t look too dangerous to me. You can see the rusty spikes above the sign, used to keep thieves out.”


“Another French one, this time from neighboring Benin. Chien Mechant/Mad Dog. I like the attempt at a sinister look on the dogs face.”


“An evil looking Dalmatian located in Lome, Togo.”


“Another from Togo. I am not sure why there were so many in Togo. This one was actually quite large, about 2 feet square.”


“‘Attention Chien Mechant’. Located in Lome, Togo. Looks like Lassie, but faded.”


“Last one from Togo….this looks like some sort of calf/goat hybrid.”


“Found outside Durban, South Africa, in the town of PieterMaritzburg. Stayed in a nice little B & B, and got up early to take a walk around the neighborhood. Most of the houses had signs, and I got pictures of them all.”


“In English and a tribal language, possible Zulu?”


“Bas op means ‘Bark On’, and Pas Op means ‘Take Care’. These signs are in Afrikaans, of course, which is very similar to Dutch.”


“Boerboels means ‘Bull Mastiff’. This sign reminds me of the popular American signs, like ‘Guarded by Pitbull with AIDS’ or ‘Dog can make it to the fence in 3 seconds – can you?'”


“As you see, Afrikaans is very close to Dutch.”


“Found in Køge, Denmark, Google Translates this as ‘Here Guardian I”, so ‘I am guardian here’, I guess?”


“Scheveningen, Holland. Tranlsated as ‘Beware! I am guard here. Enter at your own risk'”


“Bewaking translates as ‘Monitoring’, but I can’t find a translation for Westvliet, so i assume it is the name of a company. ‘Westvliet Monitoring'”


“Last one! I found this one in Port of Spain, Trinidad. This was actually a homemade airbrushed sign. I had to take it quick- the two Dobermans at the house were barking their heads off at me.”


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