The wolves have been doing something amazing in Yellowstone National Park


These unlikely creatures have done something to Yellowstone National Park that no one expected. Since they were reintroduced the 1990s, they’ve completely changed the ecology just by doing what they do best: hunting. George Monbiot explains what is called a “trophic cascade:” how the community and even the rivers have changed because of the wolves. It’s pretty awesome: Read More »

18 times someone really should have proofread


Everybody makes mistakes. Spelling errors, incorrect grammar and typos can usually be forgiven. But sometimes, the smallest of mistakes can make a huge difference, and that always shows just how important proofreading is. This collection of spelling and grammar mistakes has some funny oversights, but some are so bad that I pray they were intentional. Read More »

These post-it monsters are truly terrifying


We’ve already seen some pretty crazy monsters made with tires, lunch bags, and baked goods. As if those weren’t frightening enough, an artist named Don Kenn has made some post-it drawings to haunt our dreams. Many of them seem to evoke childhood fears, with monsters that look like the stuff of nightmares. It’s a good thing these are just cartoons. Read More »

These golf trick shots are pretty impressive


The GoPro has been used for just about everything now. I don’t know how someone hits a tiny golfball on the ground, let alone hit one while it’s in the air. These guys are pretty skilled with their clubs, showing off a bunch of their trick shots in this video. Even so, the video doesn’t answer the import questions: can ... Read More »

Mind-boggling explanation of the 4th dimension


This might make your brain hurt, but I’ve always wondered about the fourth dimension. Is it time, or some indescrible vertex in space? After watching this explanation, it’s… not that much clearer, really. It’s still fascinating to watch how a 4-dimensional object would cast an ever-shifting 3-dimensional shadow, and the visualizations in this video are pretty amazing. Read More »